This is an online database reflecting much of my accumulated research of family history from the 1970s to the present.

Family Histories

Cornelius, Gabel and Hildebrandt are the family names of my paternal great-grandfather and his three siblings who were born during the second quarter of the 19th Century and spent their early lives in the vicinity of Eisenach, Germany.

Davison and Sheehan are children of maternal 2nd-great-grandparents who lived in northwestern Pennsylvania in the early 19th Century.

This family information is organized in the following topics.

Nonfamilial Genealogy

These topics identify datasets of selected people associated with organizations I have belonged to. All of the people here are members of families--they are "nonfamilial" only in the sense that none are genetically related to me. The names are organized as individuals on a roster, rather than collected descendants from a designated progenitor. Most of the personal narratives contain links to spouses, children, or ancestors, in the conventional way.

In Preparation

I have other datasets I would like to include here eventually. If you are interested in the information described below before I determine how to do that, contact me directly to let me know.

Privacy Level 5. Some personal information about living people has been intentionally censored to protect individual privacy, Contact me directly if you have questions or a special interest in knowing any details that are not disclosed on this web site. My contact info is shown on the bottom of every page.